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New from our Academy

Half Hour Online Classes in Theory of Music and Classical Guitar
Half Hour Online Classes

  • Learn to play Piano & Keyboard

    Single Learner Per Class

  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Classes

    International Standards - International Syllabus - International Examinations

  • Classical, Rock, Blues and Jazz Guitar Classes

    Take the examinations or learn for leisure!

  • Violin, Viola and Cello Lessons

    Classical & Contemporary Techniques

Online Classes – general information

  • Guitar Classes At Abraham Devars Music School

Online Classes

If you have completed the grade 1 syllabus elsewhere or on your own and wish to take revision classes before the examination, then this is for you. LINK

Learners who wish to take the following online classes, read this page first.

Available Courses:

  • Classical Guitar – Grade 1 to Grade 5
  • Contemporary Guitar Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced techniques
  • Theory of Music – Grade 1 to 5 online
  • Our courses are designed to meet international standards without compromise

Compare the costs of your online classes to costs for attending a day or evening music classes.

You can study whenever it suits you. 24 hours a day including Sunday and public holidays.

Whats in the course material:

Web pages containing course material
A PDF book that contains everything that is online
Online videos that explain in great detail every topic covered in the syllabus and the examination.
Assignments – download your assignment and upload when complete
Mock examination papers
Your online tutor – Skype – E-mail – telephone – mobile  phone
Music chat room, blog and forums

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