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Music Terms and Signs – Grade 3

Music Terms and Signs – Grade 3

The Syllabus includes Terms and Signs

for the ABRSM, Trinity Guild Hall, Unisa and Rock School Examinations.

Theory of Music GRADE 3
As in preceding grades, with the addition of:

1] Compound time signatures of six eight, nine eight, twelve eight. and the grouping of notes and rests within these times.

The demisemiquaver (32nd note) and its equivalent rest. Questions will include the composition of a simple four-bar rhythm which may start on an upbeat.

2] Extension of the stave beyond two ledger lines. The transposition of a simple melody from the treble clef to the bass clef, or vice versa, at the octave.

3] Scales and key signatures of all major and minor keys up to and including four sharps and flats, including both harmonic and melodic forms of minor scales, with their tonic triads (root position), degrees (number only), and intervals above the tonic (number and type).

4] More music terms and signs. The simple questions about a melody may include one on its phrase structure.

Grade 3 terms and signs suitable for the grade 3 ABRSM, Trinity Guild Hall, and UNISA theory of music examinations

Download a Free PDF copy of the Grade 3 Terms and Signs!

The music terms and signs below are prescribed for teh grade 3 examinations. Learners are required to learn these in addition to the grade 1 and grade 2 terms and signs.

adagietto rather slow (faster than adagio)
ad libitum, ad lib. at choice, meaning that a passage may be played freely
agitato agitated
alla breve with a minim beat, equivalent to 2/2, implying a faster tempo than the note values might otherwise suggest
amore love (amoroso – loving)
anima soul, spirit
animato animated, lively
animando becoming lively
ben well
brio vigour
comodo convenient, comfortable
deciso with determination
delicato delicate
energico energetic
forza force
largamente broadly
leggiero light, nimble
marcato / marc. emphatic, accented
marziale in a military style
mesto sad
pesante heavy
prima / primo first
risoluto bold, strong
ritmico rhythmically
rubato / tempo rubato with some freedom of time
scherzando / scherzoso playful, joking
seconda / secondo second
semplice simple, plain
sempre always
stringendo gradually getting faster
subito suddenly
tanto so much
tranquillo calm
triste / tristamente
sad / sorrowful
volta time (prima volta – first time; seconda volta – second time)

Download a Free PDF copy of the Grade 3 Terms and Signs!

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