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Music Terms And Signs for Theory Grade 1

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Grade 1 Theory of Music

Grade 1 Theory of Music Sylabus

1 Note values of semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver and semiquaver, and their equivalent rests (candidates may use the terms ‘whole note’, ‘half note’, etc.). Tied notes. Single-dotted notes and rests.

2 Simple time signatures of two four, three four and four four. Bar-lines and the grouping of the notes listed above within these times. Composition of a two-bar rhythm in answer to a given rhythm starting on the first beat of a bar.

3 The stave. Treble (G) and bass (F) clefs. Names of notes on the stave, including middle C in both clefs. Sharp, flat and natural signs, and their cancellation.

4 Construction of the major scale, including the position of the tones and semitones. Scales and key signatures of the major keys of C, G, D and F in both clefs, with their tonic triads (root position), degrees (number only), and intervals above the tonic (by number only).

Grade 1 Music Terms and Signs fo the Theory of Music Examinations. Suitable for the ABRSM, Trinity Guild Hall, Unisa and Rock School examinations.

The list below are the required terms that will be included in the Grade 1 examination paper. The signs below will be included and learners will be required to describe each music symbol /sign.

Music Terms and Signs Grade 1 – used in the Theory Examination

Download a Complete PDF document of these music terms and signs

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