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It's not easy to learn two instruments at once. We recommend choosing one instrument in the beginning.

Voice Training may be taken together with an instument in a one hour class only. Theory of music is offered with all practical courses.

There is no need to take an extended class for theory of music. If you are registering for theory of music on its own, we recommend the 40 minute class.

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Abraham Devar's Academy for Music

1 Hour class - extended class for advanced learners or those who wish to take two adjacent half hour classes, for the purpose of learning two instruments, e.g. voice & guitar or piano & voice.

40 minute class - teens and adults - most popular and affordable.

30 minute class - for ages 6 to 9

Theory of music is included with all practical courses. Take theory of music on its own if your are not taking a practical instrument. Suggested class duration: 40 minutes

Only pay for classes when you receive a confirmation letter from our admin. When you are accepted you will receive our invitation to confirm your registration by paying your fees.

Abraham Devar's Academy for Music

8 Weaver Avenue, Mackenzie Park
Benoni, Gauteng, 1501
South Africa

Phone: +27 11 421 4434

Mobile: +27 67 699 8988

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