Pentatonic Minor Scale

Learning the Pentatonic Minor Scale

Learn the pentatonic scale in the context of a suitable chord progression such as Amin7, Amin6, Fmaj7, E7#5.

Pentatonic Scale Pattern 1

The A Minor Pentatonic shape in open position with appropriate fingering - Two octaves

Pentatonic Scale Pattern 2

The A Minor pentatonic scale shape in second position with finger indications - two octaves

The Pentatonic Scale - Pattern 3

The A minor pentatonic scale shape in the fifth position. This is the most popular of the shapes - two octaves.

The 'A' minor progression

The following progression in A minor may be played as an accompaniment with the pentatonic scales and lead patterns. The metronone is invaluable when practising.

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Pentatonic Scale Pattern 4

The A minor pentatonic scale shape in the seventh position spanning 2 octaves. Includes finger indications.

Pentatonic Scale Pattern 5

The A minor pentatonic shape in ninth position with fingering indications - two octaves

Pentatonic Scale Pattern 6

The A minor pentatonic scale shape in the 12th position - two octaves, with appropriate fingering.

Using the Pentatonic Minor Scale

In the following illustration, adjacent scale shapes / patterns are used to create lead shapes for improvisation.